Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Dream Come True

When I was little a friend and I used to love to use pencils and pretent to be "knitting."  Her mom would knit, and we found it very fascinating to pretend.  I never thought I would knit.
But I was wrong!  My childhood dream of learning to knit is happening!  I love it too.  It's great to do when I have a few minutes, and I love that I can take it with me. Although,  I had to learn the hard way that knitting in the car makes me quite sick!  I was inspired to knit by Soule Mama, and at her recomendation I used the books Stich 'n Bitch and Kid's Knitting.  I only know one stitch, and I cast on eight rows and somehow now have ten, but I'm knitting!  Plus, my project is a scarf for Max's toy, and toys generally do not expect perfection (and neither do six- I mean seven!- year old boys!) 

In addition, it must be said that my dreams are all funded by my fabulous husband.  How wonderful that he is willing to work (very dilligently I might add)  so that I can persue motherhood and other artistic persuits.  I hope that my family has many more cozy handknits to follow!

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