Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What I Love about the Camp

I love...

     ~the music that brings back so many good memories while sitting at the campfire.  Don McLean, Van Morrison, David Bowie, and so many more make me smile (and sometimes dance).

     ~ eating breakfast (and ice cream!)  on antique dishes.

     ~looking out at the corn field and the dirt road. 

     ~knowing that I am in the National Forest.

     ~watching my little one delight in having so much room to RUN!

     ~foggy mornings.

     ~fresh waffles for breakfast with bacon, and eggs, and ham, and potatoes...  You get the picture.

     ~admiring my mom's perfectly manicured flower beds.  (Even though it makes me jealous.)

     ~fresh spring water piped directly into the taps. 

     ~the excitement of- "Maybe this time I'll see a bear!"

     ~family, fun, laughter, memories, and love. 

"Give me a tin roof, a front porch, and a gravel road
and that's home to me
feels like home to me..."


  1. My family used to own a camp in Tionesta but we had to sell it when I was still little. I've always missed it.

    Our spring water wasn't piped into the taps; we had to go to the spring and collect it in bottles! It was pretty rustic...but I can still remember the taste of the fresh water.

  2. Things I hate about camp:

  3. Sarah, we used to collect our water too in jugs, and then my parents decided to replace the bad well by piping in the spring water. It worked out pretty well!

    Savannah- Yeah, the bug bites all over my legs are not making me happy! Plus, everyone thought I was stupid when I screamed about a huge bug above the bathroom mirror. (I don't care if it's "just a crane fly." I want him outside where he belongs!