Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I guess it's a lie to say I've never picked apples before because growing up we did pick apples from the trees my parents grew.  At the farm on Saturday, I was the one saying, "To pick an apple..."  But I don't count that.  This is my first time going to an orchard and picking my own huge mound of apples in order to make yummy fall apple goodness in my kitchen.  Last fall we went to an apple festival in New Hampshire, and I was jealous of all the people riding the tractors into the orchard to pick their own apples (you can't take a bushel of apples home on a plane silly!)  So, this fall, my husband and I both were determined not to let apple season pass us by! 
Although there were a few bumps in the road (why do I always miss turns after I've declared that I know how to get there?), and a certain teenager was skeptical of why apple picking was better than sleeping in,  it was worth it!

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  1. what fun! and those apples are beautiful! thanks for the kind words on teenagers....it’ll be interesting! right now i’m just glad he’s a he, because the tween girls are blowing my mind with their skimpy garb and womanliness!

    i must confess that you left the most intriguing words ever written on a comment. you’ve still got me thinking!!! you said you ‘loved rules’. i would love to know more!!! i’m not sure why it’s so interesting to me. you’re the only person i’ve ever heard that from and it’s such a thought provoker!

    i have enjoyed reading your blog so much and look forward to more!