Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Meatless Monday Mishap

For months now I have been wanting to incorporate Meatless Monday into our eating routine.  It seems like a great idea for our family for health, economic, and environmental reasons.  For one reason or another, however, Monday comes and goes and I forget to do it.  This week was different though.  I remembered!  AND I even wrote it right on the menu so that I will remember each week.  (As you can see- someone decided to add their own touches to the menu!) 

Well, yesterday was Monday!

But I can explain!!  On his way out the door after lunch Scott said to me, "I love broccoli salad. Please don't run out of time to make it because I am really looking forward to it."  A few minutes later, it occurred to me that despite featuring the name of a vegetable in the title, broccoli salad contains meat.  It was too late though.  I couldn't disappoint my hard working husband. 

So, I suppose we will try Meatless Monday again NEXT Monday!

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