Monday, October 17, 2011

Christmas Shopping?!

I do not want a repeat of last year.  Last year, for various reasons, Christmas was a mess.  Shopping was not nearly done in time, and the things that I did have purchased made the wrapping for four children while still working impossible.  Literally. My generous Aunt wrapped over half of my gifts for me!

Last year couldn't be helped- my husband and I are foster parents, and we had some additions to our family right before Christmas, but I will do everything in my power to make this Christmas much more smooth! Plus, in keeping with my personal goals, I would also like to make this Christmas a bit more "green"  as well.  So far I have purchased some second hand gifts and recycled some of Ana's paintings as wrapping paper.  I also have the Christmas gift wish lists for three out of five. (The other two are too small to write.)

What's that you can't read this?  I had trouble at first too, but now I can read all but one of the words.  Don't worry.  Max doesn't know what the word says either!  My favorite is on the bottom line.  It should say "Bat Cave"  but instead it says, "bat cafe."  I'm sure Batman will enjoy his new diner! Xavier's list (it came out too light on the scanner) includes "2 dolars,"  a "hooty,"  and new "close."  This is going to be a great Christmas.  I know it will!

Have you given any thought to Christmas?  Have you made any preparations?  Or are you thinking that I'm just plain crazy?!


  1. I have already started Christmas lists. We exchange with my husband's parents in October, my family in November. Then it is just us does make it way easier! It also helps that I do not have little ones. (but I still hide the gifts!) I wish I would have thought of artwork as wrapping paper, very clever :)

  2. great idea for wrapping paper!
    and yes.. i was just telling my husband the other day that we need to start on christmas gifts earlier - we always wait till the last minute, and i say every year, "not again." :)

    hopefully this year we'll be more on it!!