Monday, October 3, 2011

Thank You Lord

Photo taken last August at my brother's wedding by their photographer.
...  For new beginnings.

... For family and celebrating the new little guy about to join the family.

... For fresh bakery cookies.

... For big gorgeous baby smiles.

...For a generous friend who knows just how to love my baby during worship practice. 

...For my violin and for the chance to play for you Lord.  It's been five long (but much needed)  months, but what peace there is in returning to one calling after being so consumed with other important ventures.

...For "I love Mommy and Daddy so much." 

...For the awesome sound of pouring rain on the church roof. 

...For my husband and his maturity and wisdom beyond his years.

...For baby baths and baby smiles and baby coos and baby raspberries and baby snuggles...  for my baby Adelaide!

...For women who are so strong in the Lord.  They ministered to me even in the short time before I had to take my screaming sweety home!

... For this verse:

Because the Sovereign LORD helps me, 
I will not be disgraced. 
Therefore have I set my face like flint, 
and I know I will not be put to shame.
Isaiah 50:7

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  1. =]
    What a beautiful aroma of thankful praise! I think I'm going to start thanking the Lord in advance for the chance to sit and catch up with you one of these days!!! Blessed to see your face on Thurs, even if for a bit. <3