Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Thank You Lord...

...For outdoor picnics in October (in shorts!)

...For dancing with my girls and seeing their precious smiles.

...For the vibrant fall colors this year.  

...For the Indian Summer.

...For my family.  I think I would go crazy without them.  Lord, you knew what you were doing when you surrounded me with such wonderful supportive people.

...For the sun set glowing off of the corn tassels.  It's just another example of your amazing creation.

...For chalk scribbles.

...For winding dirt roads and flowing streams.

...For baby babbles.

...For the words "I really missed you."

...For hope.

...For the Word of God.  It's ever true, ever powerful, and ever comforting.

What are you thankful for today?


  1. your photos are gorgeous and your words so true! thank you for your words of wisdom today. yes, i am a woman of faith! and i love that verse! some of my ‘troubles’ that i mentioned in the post are, oddly, church more troubling than usual. i am using yoga as a physical extension of prayer for sure.

    lovely fall there, it seems, and don’t you want to just eat that baby up?! :)

  2. My post this morning was all about how thankful I am for this weather as well. Today I am also thankful for coffee, calm, quiet, and baby snuggles.

  3. lovely pictures! so much to thank Him for~


  4. Beautiful post, I am thankful for a peaceful day and my cup of tea. And everyone in my family is happy.