Thursday, December 8, 2011

Vegetable Baby Food

My littlest peanut has reached the age where she is literally staring down anyone with food in their hands.  If you hold her while you're eating, she's quite outraged that she did not get a taste.  Recently though, she has been getting a taste of her own good stuff.  Besides your run-of-the-mill organic baby cereal, she has also been exploring some yummy veggies.  I have really enjoyed making my own baby food this time around, and I find that it works just fine using the kitchen equipment I already have. 

Vegetable Baby Food

 Fresh organic veggie of your choosing
Breast milk or water

Steam, bake, or boil your vegetable until it is very tender.  Certain veggies would need the skin peeled away (ie. squash, sweet potatoes).  Put desired amount of veggies in the blender or food processor.  Pulse the machine lightly to see if the food blends.  Add small amounts of desired liquid until it will blend smoothly.  If needed, add more liquid to reach the desired consistency.  For peas and green beans, strain the food.  Simply tap the strainer over a larger bowl until no more food comes through.  use a spoon or spatula to push a bit more through. 

Use the food fresh for up to a week, or freeze the food in an ice cube tray for perfect portion sizes.

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