Saturday, January 7, 2012

You CAN Do-It-Yourself- Busy Bags

A few weeks ago I found this awesome idea on Pinterest.  I decided promptly that I must have these. 

These were so easy to make, and they are a huge hit.  Even the older kids like them.  I wish I had a picture of the time Ana and Xavier drew pictures with the markers from one all over the paper that they use to cover the exam table in the doctor's office.  To make them is simple- buy binder pencil holders at the lowest price possible and then fill them with things that your kids will like.  An orange crate makes a nice organizer, and we keep them near the door where we can grab a few on the way out.  You can really put anything that you would like in them, but here are a few ideas to get you started:

The classic- coloring supplies and and an activity pad.

Cars are a great choice usually, but beware because we lost one when Ana sent it racing under seats during a Christmas concert!  It was worth it to see the people with the what was that?! look on their faces when it went shooting under.

Notice that some of these have already been loved.  

An old planner case with markers, stampers, photo cards, business cards, and a calculator.  When I opened this one I heard, "There's my phone!"

Lacing cards made with postcards.  These laces are easier for little hands than even a yarn needle, but for older kids, a blunt needle and yarn would be more of a challenge.

The cotton balls are everyone's favorite, believe it or not! 

Paperclips on matching card stock are a hit!

Pipe cleaners are great for the younger crowd, but I was shocked to find out that the older kids love them as well.  They created art projects out of them and asked for more right away.

The final one contains the ducky two piece puzzles.  I had this put away for a while since she was bored with it, but a few weeks out of sight made it something new and exciting.  I couldn't even snap the picture before she started playing with them.  (This is one of our environmentally friendly toys- ImagiPLAY 3 Chicks Puzzle, and it's a perfect puzzle for a toddler's developmental level.)

What do you take along to make those endless outings more bearable?

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  1. Great ideas - I especially like the lacing cards from old post cards - I'm pinning it.
    (And I love the Qorpak shout-out. :D)

    All the best to you guys-

    Erin Brothers

  2. ooooo, I absolutely LOVE THIS IDEA!!!
    I am so making a set this week!
    SO great for wiggly little ones.

  3. LOVE the bags you made!! I really like how you made your own lacing cards out of postcards. I think I'll let Super Tot pick out some postcards to make our own!