Monday, February 27, 2012

A Lovely Spot for Some Lovlies

We're having this kind of a problem.  It's the girly-girl Ana picked an entire bag of headbands as her one item that she was allowed to get at the consignment store (No! that does not count all of the cute dresses and skirts that mommy picked.  Hmn.) problem.  We have headbands on the brain and headbands on the mouth.  (When we are not talking about pajamas or skirts or socks or...) Where I'm going with this is that we needed a solution for this dilemma and we wanted to share it with you.  All you need is an unused roll of paper towels, a pair of pajama pants, pinking shears, and ribbon. 

First stuff the paper towels in the leg of the pants.  Tie the hemmed end up pretty with about a foot of ribbon. 

Pull the fabric tight over the roll, and tie off the other side.  Measure the fabric about four inches, and use the pinking shears to free your project from the rest of the pants.  The cut should be as straight as possible, but it does not have to be perfect.

It is as simple as that!  No sewing, very easy, and the kiddos can help.  This would make a great gift as well.

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1 comment:

  1. wonderful idea! and you totally scored on those DARLING flower headbands! I'd be talking about them too if they were mine!! :D
    See you tomororw maybe? blessings...