Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Thank You Lord...

... for "I wanna hold my Mummy's hand!"

... for the warmth and spring flowers and geocaching with friends.

... for grilling and eating outside.  (and the prospect of soon moving our patio furniture to a level patio.)

.. for impromptu Frisbee games with family.

... for generous neighbors who know my daughter's taste perfectly!

...for Addie's first drawing...
Addie's first drawing....

OK, OK, Her REAL first drawing- the pale yellow chalk lines!
...  for the truly awesome planet You gave us to live on. I heard a friend say that in the book Indescribable: Encountering the Glory of God in the Beauty of the Universe Louie Giglio talks about how if the moon were any bigger, the earth would not have the right axis This would make half of our planet have unbearable heat while the other half would have unbearable cold, but You Lord were the only One who could set the earth on just the right axis.

... for a summer book club!  Yes please!

... for family and friends who are always supportive and caring.

... for your grace God, and for sending Your son to die and to conquer death so that we can spend eternity with You.  I love that even though I'm not perfect, You are, and yet, amazingly, You forgive me time after time and have adopted me as Your own. 

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  1. ...for such beautiful post! I just love that chalk painting picture!