Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What a Weekend!

This past weekend has been amazing!  My family joined my parents at their cabin in the Allegheny National Forest late Thursday night.  In the past five days I:

  • Visited the newly restored remains of the Kinzua Viaduct
  • Hiked through the inside of a glacier rock
  • Fished on the bank of a quiet stream
  • Rode in a horsedrawn wagon
  • Saw majestic elk peacefully grazing in a mountain meadow
  • Found fiddleheads in the woods (didn't eat any though)
  • Watched a black bear from the safety of the car
  • Enjoyed amazing fresh salads with all of those crop share veggies.
Before my peaceful retreat, however, I accomplished much at home.  Including:
  • Sun-dryed crisp new sundresses
  • Planted flowers (and praying that it would rain while we were gone!)
  • Bought a bale of straw for compost and garden (Have you ever seen a woman pull up to her subrurban home and pull a bale of straw and some peat moss from her mini-van.  Amusing I'm sure.)
  • Researched and planned planting methods for my garden. 
Sundresses hung out to dry

Planting flowers

Twine for the Garden

An old metal watering can

Now I'm back.  I'm refreshed and energized, and that's good because there is lots to do.

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