Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bring on the Rain

The rain that we've had this past week has benefited us double.  Not only has it given our garden much needed water, it has also served to add water to our new rain barrel. 
This barrel collects rainwater from the gutter.
This is a store bought rain barrel that we bought last year at the end of the season.  The top also serves as a flower pot, but we haven't planted anything yet (hence the drainage hole).  I've already watered the garden once with it, and I suspect that there will be several more now that we've had several rain storms. 

We plan on adding rain barrels to the rest of the downspouts, but instead of store bought ones, we are going to use ones that my parents used to use in their garden.  They are old food barrels. If you are thinking of buying a rain barrel and you are somewhat handy, I suggest using food barrels.  They are much less expensive (or even free!)  and they do the same thing.  They do require a bit more set up since holes need drilled and a hose or faucet has to be added. 

Five Reasons to Get a Rain Barrel:
1. Cuts the cost of your
2. Reduces the load of your local water treatment center.
3. Keeps your local creeks and other bodies of water cleaner.
4. Provides chlorine-free and naturally soft water for your plants.
5. Serves as an educational tool to teach others (kids, neighbors, family members, etc.) about conserving water.

We've also been using our wading pool water to water the garden after a day or two of use. 

What do you do to conserve water?

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  1. Wow your rain barrel is really beautiful, and the extra feature of a planter on top...how cool!!

    We made our rain barrel from one of those bright blue barrels that hold down texts at the fair...I can't complain it was free, my husband found it at his work.

    We use the kids pool water for our plants too. My hubby also siphons the kids bath water every night to water the garden ...the plants desperately need it here in New England we haven't been getting much rain water and have been having record breaking temps these days. I've mentioned using our washing machine water because we use a very low suds detergent but hubby thinks that's a little excessive.

    1. I used to save the water from the bath while it was warming up in a bucket (it was a trick I learned when we had well water), but I've gotten away from it. Our plants really need the water too, and I'm not in a rush to see the water bill for the past month!

  2. Replies
    1. I'm really glad we did it! I'm glad you like the idea!