Saturday, August 11, 2012

My First Nursery

Addie bunting above the crib in the nursery
My kids never had a nursery.  Why- well, I could explain it to you, but it is such a long story.  The story involves emotion, heartache, several hoped-for adoptions that never happened, and then overcrowding.  NOW however, I have moved past all of that, and frankly, I have moved to a bigger house!  I have two happy, healthy biological daughters, a vivacious dog, and a husband who loves me.  What more could a mom want?

I was going to have the girls continue to share a room, but then I started thinking...  "Wouldn't you like to make a little nursery?  AND Wouldn't it be easier at nap-time if they weren't in the same room?"  Well, I answered yes to myself, and this little nursery was born.  I finished it (for now) last night, and couldn't wait to share.
A close up of the bunting pink yellow orange

I didn't want to paint the walls in my new house, so we kept them this creamsicle orange.  I like the color after all, and some pinks and yellows, I really like it for a little girl.  My "baby" who lives in this dear little nursery is already fourteen months old, and so I would like to share a few practicalities with new moms and dads designing their nurseries. 

1. Include a Rocking Chair.  I used to feed the baby on the couch, and I still do.  However, a rocking chair is much more convenient for bedtime snuggles and undivided attention.  At about nine months everything all of the sudden is much more interesting than eating.   A private place to focus on each other is definitely the key to success in that area!

beautiful paper lanterns in a baby nursery orange pink yellow

2. Mobile.  Those things hanging around baby's rooms aren't just too look at.  OK, maybe they are, but did you know that babies really do spend a lot of time looking at them?  Even older children adore beautiful mobiles hanging from the ceiling.  I had no idea that they were so important, and I certainly never expected to see the babies looking at them.  Now I know that visual stimulation is thought to help infants develop important neural pathways in the brain.  Not to mention, they are much happier when they are looking at something so pretty!

3. Don't take any chances with large furniture.   An newborn may be perfectly safe in a room with a huge shelf for storage, but to a mobile infant and young toddler- shelves look just like ladders.  Choose low, open shelving for toy storage where the child can reach their own toys.  They will thank you for it.  If you do put any larger furniture in the room, please, anchor it to the wall.

cuddle toys are a must for any nursery

4. Cuddly toys are a nice finishing touch.  The older babies get, the more interested they are in the cuddly toys and stuffed animals. The ones that are near them the most are the ones that they go for to get comfort.  Addie likes this one because it's always sitting in the chair were we nurse and cuddle.  It's become very familiar to her, and now she chooses this one over most of the others when its time for bed. 

5.  Blackout curtains are great for nap-time.  Mine are energy efficient too, and they effectively keep heat out in summer and cold out in winter.  They really help to set the tone for a quiet story time at bed time (even if the sun is still out). 

I hope these tips help you to create the perfect nursery for your family, and I'm thrilled to finally give my "baby" a nursery.  Now the wheels are turning for decorating my big girl's room!

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  1. Beautiful, Becki! I love the color combinations, and the practical tips.

  2. I like the colors they are cool and refreshing and perfect for a little girl! The hint on the low shelving is great! Did you know if you use the shelves that are the more square cubby style you can lay them on their side and they can be used as seating also? Great to fit under a window with a cushion on them.

    1. Thank you! I didn't show the toy shelves in the pictures. They are between the crib and the rocking chair. I had some of those cube shelves that can be assembled in lots of different ways. I made it like three cubbies in a row. I wish it was sturdier, and I would put a cushion on it. Addie enjoys getting her toys out though, so it works. There is one more shelf in there too. The top has the CD player on it, but the low shelf has a nice bin filled with all her books and a basket with stuffed animals.

  3. I'm glad you've had the opportunity to design this lovely nursery -- and for the ways the Lord has been blessing your family!

    Also, that blue bunny is so cute-- I kind of want to cuddle it myself. :)

    1. Thanks! It's funny how the Lord works. I'm glad for this opportunity to bless my girls!

      The blue bunny was crocheted by my Godmother. She makes the girls such cute clothes, blankets, and toys. Addie is very attached to it, and I love it with it's super floppy ears.

  4. Great job. its girly but not to girly. its like big girl and baby all together

    1. Thanks! I think the bright colors are perfect for a "big girl" nursery.