Saturday, September 1, 2012

789 Steps

Watkin's Glen State Park was an amazing part of our trip.  We are pretty close to New York when we visit the camp, but this was still quite a drive.  I thought that maybe it wouldn't be worth it, but I was very wrong!  I did not expect to see 19 stunning waterfalls with deep pools and amazing views.  The hike included walking through caverns and over stone bridges.  Not to mention I walked under/through several waterfalls which is pretty amazing especially on a hot August day.  Enjoy my favorite photos. 

stream with rippled rocks

A little stone bridge

a waterfall and pools in the stream

quiet stream in this spot

stone steps and a waterfall

water spraying from above

cascading stream

stream with pools and little waterfalls

The top of the gorge

the stream through the gorge

narrow waterfall

The top of the waterfall with a fallen log

the stream wore down all that rock

Water falling from above

Stop action of the water falling from above

Beautiful rock formations

The rocks take on such amaing shapes.

A winding path near the stream and fallen log.

Many wildflowers were in bloom that day.

A stone bridge and caverns in the stream.

Another of the 19 waterfalls

An amazing view from above.

A stone bridge with a waterfall below falling into a heart shaped pool.

Behind the waterfall

A stone bridge, two waterfalls, and a deep gorge.

Many wateralls and a stone bridge.

The sun shines into the gorge through the trees.

Canyon walls and the stream

The path winds down through the monstrous canyon.

Waterfall and rock formations in the gorge.

Huge waterfall.

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