Monday, December 17, 2012

Merry Making

Making Cards for nursing home residents

Cards for nursing home residents

Chicken Pot Pie

Celebrating Chanuka with a great book "All the Lights in the Night"

Christmas 2012

Ice Cream Cake!

Making Puppet Costumes

My absence here last week was unavoidable.  I posted a bit, but in the midst of making Shutterfly calendars, attending holiday parties, and making costumes for my church's annual holiday production, not much other time was left!  It has been wonderful fun to prepare for and celebrate the holidays with my family, and I wouldn't trade all of it for anything.  Check my other blog this week for photos from our Christmas show that we put on for the sweet residents of a local nursing home.  Today is finishing up a project for a friend, and tomorrow I will be making the all-important holiday cookies to share with friends and family!  Come on back tomorrow for Eco Kids and link up and see what my daughters made to give as gifts. 

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