Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Welcome Spring and Eco Kids

The return of spring weather to our area may have been ushered in by a severe stomach bug in my family, but it's here!  We have officially deemed it nice enough to geocache with toddlers, and my weak but healing Ana was able to go outside for a while yesterday to get a breath of fresh air.  Many of our seeds have been planted by the window, and I've been checking daily for signs of those beautiful green threads of life which will grow into huge tomato and pepper plants which we are hoping will feed us well into next winter.  Most importantly, when we wake early, the sun is rising to greet us, and so spring must surely be here.

As we celebrated Easter, I tried to choose my purchases wisely, and my daughters rejoiced when they received strawberry applesauce and cereal bars in their baskets! (YES!) Even more though, I've been careful to reiterate that Easter is so much more than baskets and bunnies.  Although my daughter told me that Jesus dyed (or did she mean died?) Easter eggs, I've had the pleasure of telling her the true Easter story time and time again.  Her eyes grew wide when she learned that he died with nails through his hands and feet, and she looked devastated when she learned that a spear was used to pierce our Saviour's side.  The best part, however, was telling her that Jesus died, but he rose again.  He's ALIVE!  

Easter is the day that we remember how Jesus proved that He is indeed God.  He died, but the grave couldn't hold Him. He promises that if we believe, we too will live with Him.  The grave will not hold us either, and we will pass from one life into another.  If you don't have that assurance that you will live forever by His side, please pray for Jesus to be your Savior.   Don't wait though- today is the day that He's calling you, and you can come as you are.  You never know what tomorrow holds.  

I did not plan on writing about faith when I sat down here, so the Lord must have this important message for one of my dear readers.

They showed this video at my church, please do watch it and enjoy.

In honor of spring, I had to feature some fun spring and toadstool crafts!

A Fairy Garden by Enchanted Schoolroom

Salt and Pepper Shakers by madebyjoey

Stitched from wool felt small scene of tree stump,fallen leaves and stream
Coulors of the Season by Fruits of Heart

Resurrection Garden by Crafty Moms Share

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  1. I found you through We Made That! and wanted to say I love love love this linky, I'm always looking for eco-activities. Thank you for hosting this!
    Your new follower!

  2. Absolutely beautiful post friend! Warmed my heart right up. Glad you guys are on the mend from that bug (what a doozy it was!) Now, let's see if I have ANYthing of late that qualifies for your link up :) xoxo