Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thank You Lord

..for you Lord who loves me far beyond what I deserve.

...for being together with family.  There's nothing that brings joy to my heart like family gathering.

...for my health, and I am so thankful for a healthy family as well.

...for a safe and warm place to live.  My blessings far exceed these basic necessities, but I never want to forget that no matter what problems come up, many of them are nothing compared to what many families have to live through.

...for holiday traditions.

...for a recent transformation in Ana. I love that the sweet lovely girl who I know is shining through to others. I have seen her confidence grow in the past few months, and I am thankful for her preschool teachers and high school helpers for creating such a nurturing environment where she can really flourish!

...for a clean house!

...for the sweet little voices that my girls have.  The little "cartoon character:" voices won't last forever, so I'll enjoy them while I can!

...for the ability to play music.  From the moment I heard a friend playing piano when I was in grade school, I knew that I wanted to make amazing sounds too.  There's something so other-worldly about it- to forget about myself, and to just listen and play...

...for friends new and old.  To share smiles and memories and kids and even hard times makes friends so important.

...for my sweet dog Shady.  She's the best dog ever.  Enough said.

...for my new healthy eating challenge group. My friend Nina has been an inspiration.  I physically feel so good eating clean!

...and with that being said, I'm still thanking You, Lord, for Thanksgiving dessert!  (Celebrations mean you get to eat sugar and other goodies!)

...for my Scott.  From working hard at his job to washing the dishes on Thanksgiving day, he's our family's wonderful example of a Christ-like man.  I have watched him sacrifice what he would want for our family so often, and it has not gone unnoticed.  He is my true love, and I'm so blessed to live each day with him.

I will praise God’s name in song and glorify him with thanksgiving.
Psalm 69:29-31

Reader, please let me know in the comment section- What are you thankful for on this Thanksgiving day?


  1. So nice to "hear" from you! I'm thankful for my warm, safe home as well, and for a wonderful church community who have supported us in tangible and intangible ways. And for friends!

  2. Missed you around the blogosphere, friend! xoxo
    Hope all is well. Glad you are enjoying eating clean. I have that a slight go a while back (with modifications b/c I am a vegetarian) and it does feel so good to make good lifestyle changes. Our bodies need it! (I am juicing this week, and feeling like a million bucks).
    Blessings, Joanna