Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ana's First Sewing Kit

With the idea taken from one of my current favorite books, The Creative Family by Amanda Blake Soule, I decided to make Ana a sewing kit.  Since she is just about to turn two, the kit only includes one thing so far- recycled sewing cards. 

I made the sewing cards by cutting pictures with simple lines from magazines.  I glued the pictures onto chipboard cards, and then I used packing tape to "bind the edges."  Next I used a large nail to poke holes on each of the cards.  Finally, I purchased a plastic needle, and I tied yarn to them, and I even tied a button to the other end so that the yarn would stay put. 

Since she always tries to steal my own sewing projects and take part, she really seemed to love having her own! 


  1. I was "sew" inspired by this post, that I went ahead and made Eden about a dozen sewing cards! We had fun picking out our pictures together. I'll be posting about it at some point, and will be certain to link you in as my source of inspiration :)

  2. I'm working on some more sewing components/ fine motor development activities for this, so be looking for another sewing post.