Saturday, August 6, 2011

Going Green~ Cleaning

Using non-toxic cleaning methods has been one of my favorite parts of going green!  With a spray bottle of vinegar you can let the kids loose to help and clean without worrying that they will poison themselves or ruin anything when they use the whole bottle! 

In addition to vinegar I use hydrogen peroxide for disinfecting and bleaching (I'm not as willing to set the kids loose with this.)  I also use my favorite smelling cleaner- Murphy's Oil Soap which I was surprised to learn is natural and non-toxic.  There is noting like a Murphy's smelling home! 

Baking soda has also become a favorite cleaning tool.  I combine with vinegar for extra power.  (I won't lie- I love the popping and fizzing too!)

What about laundry you ask?  I use a store bought "green" detergent, and instead of fabric softener (which has undisclosed chemicals in it)  I use vinegar.  I have been very happy with how this combination works.  My diapers get washed in Dropps Baby since the enzymes in my regular detergent are not great for diapers. 

Do any of you have suggestions for home-made non-toxic cleaning methods? 

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