Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Memories~ The Chicken Thing

Me (3 or 4 years old):  Mom, you will never guess where grandma gets her eggs!
My mom:  Where?

This is me holding "Henny Penny"

Growing up we had chickens, turkeys, and ducks.  (We had more animals, but I'll save that for later!) 

We kept them in a giant coop built on my parents' two and a half acre property (where they still live.) 

I remember getting fresh eggs from the chickens, and I remember the sweet beagle dog that used to guard them from weasels.  But this post is about the "chicken thing."  The chicken thing was a plastic gallon milk jug with the top cut off.  It sat on the garbage can and would be filled with apple cores, corn cobs, and all of the things that we don't eat but chickens do.  When we would not eat a part of something my mom would tell us- "go put it in the chicken thing!"

Since I am not allowed to have chickens here in Bridgeville, I would like to start composting those scraps of things that we don't like to eat.  But I know nothing about composting.  Any tips or suggestions?


  1. Becki check out my friends blog on toothsoap.com. Click the blog part and read about her l journey as an urban farmer. I know she composts! She also has chx too! Shes the ceo for toothsoap and ive workes closely with her for almost 2 years now! Happy blogging! Debby p aka supahmommy

  2. Thanks for the advice Debby! I can't wait to check it out!

  3. I don't know a whole lot about it but I know you're not just supposed to use food scraps. We add leaves and grass clippings to our food scraps. It really has to be the right balance of what is called "brown" and "green" to make it come out right. At least that's what we found...we got a dark, clumpy substance out of our composter...not a nice, spreadable kind of thing. I think we needed more food scraps but I've never fully investigated that theory yet...

    We are planning to get chickens (we live in S. Fayette). Maybe we can arrange a deal where you can have eggs if you come and take care of them whenever we have to go out of town! :-)

  4. Anna,I have to ask my husband, but it sounds like a deal to me!

    As for the composting, I think you are right about it being hard to get the mix right. I have heard that adding worms makes it go much faster and much better, but I think that you have to do it inside with the worms?! I have to read more about it. What type of composter do you have? Does it come with instructions?

  5. Hey Becki,
    Love your blog come over and check out our composter we have had it for about 2 years now vegtable peeling and fruit peeling, coffee grounds and eggs shells no meat products or things like that should be composted. Your neighbor Diane

  6. All I know is that there are a LOT of different ways to compost. Check for classes in your local area, if you are in a greenie sort of place. Or ask around and see if you have a friend who does it. I have a friend who composts with and without worms and no special equipment. But it seems a little more labor intensive.

    What a wonderful way to grow up! I would love for my kids to be around animals like that. Maybe someday, right?

  7. Diane- Thanks for the tips. I think I will check it out one time. I'm nervous to buy one because I think I won't do it right and waste money!

    Betsy- Thanks for your tips too! I have some ideas of places in the area that might offer classes. I hadn't thought of it until now. I need to check some books out from the library too! As for the animals, I feel the same way- maybe someday!

  8. Becki, we have the "original compos-tumbler". http://www.compostore.com/originalct.html
    We found it on craigslist so we didn't pay that ridiculous price for it! The person did actually have the instruction manual for it....which we really need to get back to reading and doing!

  9. Thanks for your advice Anna! I am definitely going to do more research. Composting is something that Scott and I want to get started very soon!