Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summer Days

"I will turn all my mountains into roads."  Isaiah 49:11

"God understands the way to it and he alone knows where it dwells, for he views the ends of the earth and sees everything under the heavens." Job 28:23-24

In all things, good and bad, God's plan and God's purpose is good and true.  I thank him for the difficult times because they have made me who I am! 

That being said, I have bittersweet memories always rolling around in my head.  Summer days, sweet smiles, cute phrases, and great victories with a little boy.  I wanted this little boy to be mine in the worst way.  He didn't have a mom, so I vowed not to rest until he had one.  He does have a mom now, so I'm glad.  But days like this always make me sad that it's not me.  When my daughter was born, I brought her home, and all of the sudden I realised, "She's mine!  I don't have to give her back."  I feel that way about Ana and Adelaide.  Clarence gave me gratitude for something that most take for granted. 

You'll always have a piece of my heart buddy.

The purpose of trials is not only to test our worthiness but also to increase it, just as the mighty oak is tested by the storms as well as strengthened by them.
(Taken from Streams in the Desert by L.B. Cowman)

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