Sunday, September 25, 2011

Going Green~ The Driveway

Look not at the tree in this picture, but look at that little corner of driveway.  It may seem all well and good, but in reality it was time for that driveway to go!  It was about six inches higher than the garage floor which cause more than one problem.  The worst problem was water pooling and running under our garage door.  Plus the driveway was extremely slippery.  
So last week the project began...

My husband chose to dig the driveway out by hand.  I thought he was crazy, but it turned out to be much easier and faster than expected.  

When choosing a replacement material for our driveway we wanted to consider cost, a more Eco-friendly material, and something that would help eliminate water pooling and running.  Our choice- gravel.

An Eco-friendly driveway is one that does exactly what we needed it to do- reduce runoff and let rain water percolate down into the ground.  We are very happy with our new driveway!

Some of us can even walk on it without shoes!

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