Saturday, September 3, 2011

going green~ inside my medicine cabinet

When first starting this adventure of "going green"  over a year ago, I came across a very important tool.  This tool, The Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep Database, gives a rating on a scale from one to ten of the toxicity level of cosmetic products.  It also gives a rating for each ingredient.  I love using this because, unlike food, the word "organic"  on a cosmetic product does not not make it healthy or safe.  That is because these products are not controlled by the FDA.  Packaging can be very misleading.  Here are some products that I commonly use:

Hand Soap-  Fast Orange-  (yes, found in the automotive section!)
Body Wash- Dr. Bronner's Tea Tree Oil
Baby Wash and Baby Shampoo- Dr. Bronner's Baby Mild (I want to try California Baby too, but I haven't yet.)
Baby Oil- Avalon Organics
Diaper Rash Cream- Badger Balm
 Baby Balm
Bug "Spray"- Badger Balm Anti Bug Balm
Lotion and Body Mist- Earth Mama Angel Baby

Makeup- Nvey Eco and Rejuva Minerals

Deodorant- Crystal (it's really a chunk of crystal!)

Sun Screen- Badger Balm

Shampoo and Conditioner- Juice Organics (The pomsmooth makes my hair so sleek and shiny!)

Leave in Conditioner- Dr. Bronner's (great for my hair because a little dab will work like styling gel)

I buy all of these things from either or  If any of these things interest you, I have a code for a discount!  This is only for new users and it will get you $10 of or 20% off of  Just type in LEWI1242.  I love this site because it has free shipping over $39, and I can get lots of products that aren't sold at my local grocery store. 

Do you use any products that get a great rating from Skin Deep?  I would love suggestions on new things to try!

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  1. I use a company that is listed as a moderate hazard because I get most of my household's needs at one store that supports other moms and is conveniently shipped right to me. My family also enjoys Dr Bronners and EMAB products :)