Sunday, September 4, 2011

It's Art Time!

As you may know, my little sweety just had a birthday.  For her birthday, she recieved not only a cute little art desk (which is currently placed on the porch for easy clean up)  but also an "easel supply box."  Neadless to say, we have been doing art each and every day since then...

One way that we try to recycle is to reuse paper if both sides are not printed.  Ana prefers to draw on the printed side!

I gave Ana a sketch book to do drawing and painting in.  She loves flipping through the pages and even adding to her previously done drawings.

What arts and crafts are favorites in your family?


  1. That looks like a great art set up. I have such fond memories of doing art as a kid and I really hope it's something The Bean enjoys when he is old enough.