Sunday, November 27, 2011

Little Bright Eyes

My first wearable knitting project is complete.  It has been knit, the ends woven in, the buttons sewn on (twice since the first time it was inside out!!), blocked, and worn!

 The buttons are white vintage mother-of-pearl from my mom's button box.

I couldn't be happier, and I officially have knitting fever.  I want to make clothes, socks, hats, and gifts.  Constantly going through my head is "I could make ____ for ____ !"  All in due time.

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  1. Gorgeous!
    I'd love to learn to knit, but right now it seems like too much of an undertaking. How did you pick it up?

  2. What a lovely little sweater! I am happy for you that you have caught the knitting bug :)

  3. I love it! It is sort of surreal to see something that I hand spun and dyed actually knit up into something so beautiful by someone else. How absolutely beautiful it turned out. I know what you mean about the knitting bug. If you are looking for a challenge, check out "Amigurumi Knits" by Hansi Singh. this book is what made me learn to knit! She is also on Ravelry.

  4. Visiting from Soulemama--what an adorable vest you have made! I've only made hats, a shawl (the same as Amanda is wearing while pouring her soap), and a scarf.