Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Our Nature "Table"

I love nature, and I love the great outdoors and the change of the seasons.  However, it seems like no matter what my intentions are, I spend a considerable amount of time indoors!  That's why I love this idea of the Nature Table from Amanda Blake Soule's The Creative Family.  We live in a small place, and a table is out of the question, but this little windowsill is right by the dinning room table, and it's great for everyone to be able to see our gathered bits of nature.

The carved wooden mug is a keepsake found in my Great Uncle Art's cabin about ten years ago after he passed away.  He was a true man of nature, and he would be proud to have his cup as part of the nature table.

The adorable yellow flowers in the picture are mystery flowers planed in a small disposable cup by Xavier during school last year.  When it bloomed we were quite happily surprised.  Any ideas what type of flower it even is?


  1. from what I can see, the flowers are coreopsis...I think :)