Thursday, January 19, 2012


Photos taken by Katie at South Hills Portrait Innovations.

It's amazing how fast little ones grow.  It makes me want to savor each and every moment.  I've been trying to squeeze more out of ever single moment with my kids.  Car rides are becoming sing alongs and story times, and even when I'm washing dishes or cleaning, I'm trying to spend time enjoying my kids.  It's going so fast, and before I know it, I won't have baby carriers and diapers to carry.  So I'll take advantage of every moment I have with my sweet kids. 

In the Bible, Isaac and his sons blessed their children and gave them God's promises for the future.  I've been praying this week for not only Addie (the cutie above) but for all of my children.  My hopes and dreams for them are so high, but time after time I realize that putting them in God's hands and seeking the Lord is the best I can do.

Maybe I've shared this before, but it's just amazing...

More than my next breath
More than life or death
All I'm reaching for, I live my life to know You more
I leave it all behind, You're all that satisfies
To know You is to want to know You more
To know You is to want to know You more

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