Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Scooter at Dusk

Ana loves to explore the shed for new toys.  Yesterday around dusk, she came across the scooter our neighbor gave us for Clarence.  I showed her how to use it in the yard, and she practiced for a while in the grass, but her fear of the lawnmower sent us to the front.  She seemed pleased that her helmet still fit from last year, so we strapped it on and brought that scooter over to the road.  At first I held on, and I did save her from a couple tumbles.  I eventually started letting go, and during one of those times she took a little tumble.  She banged her knee, but she got right back up to try again. I was so proud of her determination, but at the same time I realized that there will be so many things that I would like to protect her from (and not just skinned knees either!)  If I keep her under my wing though, how can she soar? 

It also occurred to me that this must be how God feels about us, his precious children who so often make choices that cause us to get hurt or to become further from Him.  How proud He must be though whenever we do turn to him and listen to that still small voice prodding us towards righteousness. 

By the time Scott was done cutting the grass, Ana was riding that scooter around like a pro.  I told him about the little fall, and he let me know that we do have knee pads in the garage!  (Oops.)  As I saw her so sweetly pumping her little scooter back and forth across the street, I knew that this was her time to fly. 

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  1. i love this post. it's hard to let them fly at first, isn't it?! your photos and message are both spot on!