Monday, March 12, 2012

"What are you doing?"

"What are you doing?"  my husband said as I started writing on a yellow tablet.  It was obvious that he was annoyed that I would be doing something else as he was about to push the play button on the move I chose. 

"I'm taking notes."  I replied.  This brought some laughs and light teasing, but I continued to write the film's title down, and I set the notepad and the pen beside me as I asked Savannah if she would also like a notepad.  Ha!

I thought that maybe I was being silly, but I soon started picking up the notepad and writing down little tidbits that I learned.  I ended up with two full pages of notes!  Two Pages.  AND  I didn't fall asleep.  That's a first for me for a movie started after seven PM. 

The movie was one that had been sitting in my library basket all week waiting to be watched- An Inconvenient Truth. 

Something that Al Gore said right at the beginning really struck me.  He said that many good politicians from both parties hold the issues of global warming at an arms length because to acknowledge them would create a moral obligation to act.  That is a very powerful statement that I know is true because that is how I felt for a long time.  In fact, last night actually seeing the facts with my own eyes is what has truly made me believe that global warming is a very real and very urgent issue. 

If you are on the fence about global warming, and if you have heard that it is a natural phenomenon or that it is a sham, I urge you-  see this movie.  The facts are startling and they are truly urgent.  
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