Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bless This House

These past few weeks, we have fallen in love with the book Bless This House: A Bedtime Prayer for the World.  We got it out of the library by just picking it off the shelf, but it's really a gem!  It is great for teaching children both the value of prayer and the value of the planet as a whole.  The little boy in the book prays for his home and his family, and then he goes on to pray for the ocean, the forest, and all of the creatures who live there.

When my mom first read this book at my house, it reminded her of my own lengthy bedtime prayers as a young child.  I hope my kids don't get any great ideas...

Speaking of my little ones, they love it.  Ana is old enough to really start to grasp the concepts, and since she loves forest animals (especially deer!) she enjoys naming the animals in this book.

I hope you'll consider checking this book out for your own little ones!

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