Monday, May 7, 2012

Cool Down

Splashing in the water

Wet footprints in May

Playing with water on a hot spring day

Plotting out her next move

This weekend we:

  • Enjoyed the return of the warm weather.  
  • Celebrated a 16th Birthday!
  • Planned two parties.
  • Watched the Avengers with friends.
  • Picniced with pizza and cake on the patio.
  • Unpacked and re-arranged at the new house.  Only a few more rooms, and we will be done!
  • Explored yard sales and estate sales with luck!  We found a beautiful mirror to hang in the family room.  
  • Worked in the yard to weed, clean, cut, and make it our own. 
  • Drove to Ohio for dinner with family and received a bag of beautiful hand-me-downs for the girls.  
  • Dreamed of all of the fun projects that will be started when the craft room gets unpacked.
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