Thursday, May 24, 2012

In Honor of Adelaide (Part 2)

A smash cake for Addie's first birthday.

Saturday was Addie's day to party it up in celebration of her birthday. We wanted to have a small family party like we've done in the past, but we also wanted it to be at least somewhat more "green."  Having just moved, I didn't want to delve into making a cake, so I checked with the bakery and was quite happy with the ingredients.  So a bakery cake it was (although I did order a white smash cake with a light pink one, and I got this bright colored gob of icing instead.  I have to admit that it was cute, and Addie had to admit that she didn't mind eating over an inch of icing off the top!

Look at that grin while she eats an inch and a half of icing!

Addie eats her smash cake!

The party was green in several ways:

1. I reused decorations from prior parties.
2. Addie's dress was purchased secondhand.
3. Ana let the birthday girl borrow her dress-up crown instead of buying a plastic one.
4. We recycled the pop (or soda if you aren't from Pittsburgh!) cans.
5. We requested no presents (although she did get a few).

This is Addie on her way from the sandbox to the bathtub.
After the cake this little princess played her heart out in the sandbox.  She ended the party with her daddy carrying her pink-sand covered body up to the bathtub.  Overall, a success.

What suggestions do you have for a "green" birthday party?

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  1. Guess what! Your blog is finally showing up in my reader!!! That's pretty exciting to me. Lovely photo!! Happy birthday.