Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Thank You Lord

I love this spot!

A yellow rose

My new Japanese Maple Tree

I thought that maybe this was a late blooming tulip

I was shocked when this iris blossomed so beautifully and so fast.

...for small reasons to believe.  I now know that unexpected checks do come in the mail right when they are needed!

...for the spring and the constant variety of new blooms and beauty surrounding me.

...for the sweet exclamation, "Dada, Bath!"  It melts the heart to hear such excitement from a brand-new one year old.

...for space and room to breath in both the literal and figurative senses.

...for spring robins bathing in a birdbath.  It's been so long since I'd seen that sight, and it was one of the highlights of my day!

...for goals being accomplished.

...for the chance to worship you with my girls.  I love to see them lift their hands in praise and fold their hands in prayer. (Please help me to capture that on camera!)

...for my hardworking husband.  What would this family do without him?

...for your promises to us and the rainbows that represent those promises (oh, how I wish I got that on camera too!!)

...for friends and family. 

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