Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Thank You Lord

Ana's first fishing experience

Savannah caught a brown trout

a fiddlehead fern in the Allegheny National Forest

A peaceful stream in the Allegheny National Forest

Quiet waters and filtered sunlight make for a peaceful path.

...for firsts for all three girls.  How honored I was to accompany Savannah to her first trip to the post office!  Hehe.

...for finally feeling more settled and organized in the new house.

...for oatmeal muffins.  It's great to find something that everyone likes.

...for an amazing husband who has taken up gardening with me.  It's great to have a buddy out there to help.

...for your Word and learning and growing through your Holy Spirit.  I'm tired of perfectionism and relieved to trust more fully in You.

...for family, friends, community...

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  1. Beautiful Pictures! Thanks for sharing all that :)

  2. OMG, I just want to be there so badly! What a magical place!