Monday, June 25, 2012

He Sings over Me

Sometimes life throws you a curve-ball.  Maybe like for me it seems like the wind is just knocked out of you.  There's that mind numbing sense of "What?"

But sometimes in that magical time when the sting just begins to fade comes clarity, peace, and even joy.  No, things are not perfect, but they are still wonderful.  That empty void that fills you when something that you really held near and dear shatters away like a delicate vase- that void brings me comfort now.  Because I know that my God is always faithful to fill that void.  He meets me in my darkest hour. 

Ana asked me this week, "Does God sing and dance for us?" 

"Yes!  God does sing over us."  I replied.  And it's true: He's kind and merciful and faithful.  Everything we lack, He is.  

I am blessed in so many ways.  I see my blessings vividly now: two lovely daughters, a husband who loves me, extended family who shower us with support, friends who go above and beyond, and growth.   I'm getting stronger, and wiser, and more mature.  It's not because of me though- it's because of God and the price his son paid for me...

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  1. Just clicked on your link from Sole Mama and I'm so glad I did!

    As a christain mumma is striving to change my life (and our families) as a result of our fath, im so inspired by your story here. Your positive outlook is one I strive for.

    xo em