Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Collage

"I think I'm going to file it."  I said to my friend last week as she stared at the big lump of paper and paste on my outdoor picnic table.  She looked at me with eyebrows raised and trying not to laugh, "Oh, file it? Is that so."  And file it I did. (Especially after it got blown over the edge of the patio in that afternoon's storm). When it comes to preschool art, it's not about the product- it's about the process.

The idea for this project was based on the collage section in First Art: Art Experiences for Toddlers and Twos, and it's just a basic collage.

paste paper scraps and cardboard
Materials- Paste, Craft Sticks, Cardboard, & Paper Scraps
I made the paste (check out the book for the recipe!) and laid out the materials out while she was sleeping.  The paper came straight from the recycling bin, and the board is a piece of a pie box taped to the table.

exploring paste with a craft stick

pasting with a popsicle stick

Like suggested in the book, I didn't give much direction.  Ana immediately started exploring with the craft sticks.  (Two pictures?  I know it seems redundant, but how could I not share my fourteen month's exploration of her cousin's Boppee in the background! Tee Hee.)

Playing in the paste

To make a long story short- Ana had a great time.  She glued, and at my suggestion, she did a bit of ripping with the paper.  Mostly though, she glued all of the paper- full sized- to the cardboard with huge globs of glue.  I'm not one to throw out my kids' art, but...  there was no practical way to display it!  She did get a lot from the experience though, and I learned too.  I think this week we will get some interesting magazines out and work on ripping collage-sized pieces.  One thing at a time.  We live and learn.  It's all about the process.  (... and having lots of sticky fun!)

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  1. What a great way to let the kids express themselves- Thanks

    1. Thanks! She had a great time, and it was amusing and cute to watch her have at it! Enjoy!