Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Thank You Lord

...for new ideas and vision.

...for the prospect of eating sweet corn with family later this week.  Good food and good company- it doesn't get much better.

...for my daughters and my nephew quickly returning to health.  How heartbreaking to hear, "Mommy, give me something to make me better!"  I'm so relieved that it was a short-lived virus!

...for rain!  I love to hear the water running down all of the windows, and even the thunder makes me feel all cozy while I'm dry in my house.  More importantly, my garden is thriving this week with the amazing amounts of water it's receiving.

...for my church.  I love it Lord when your children rally around and support each other.

...for kids.  Their smiles, laughs, songs, and silly talk is so rewarding.

...for time at home.  It's great to be caught up on chores and laundry. (ummm, well, almost caught up!)

Ana playing a game at the church carnival

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