Monday, July 30, 2012


Our first tomatoes came this week, and they look divine!  I love eating fresh, local, organic tomatoes, and summer is the best for that! 

Farm fresh vegetables

pepper and eggplant


farm fresh green beans

farm fresh garlic

farm fresh organic eggplant

farm fresh organics

farm fresh organic grape tomatoes

farm fresh organic pepers

farm fresh basil and tomatoes organic

zucchini summer squash tomatoes chard basil peppers eggplant green beens garlic

I'm dreaming of what I can do with all this great stuff! 

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  1. Those vegies look really great. I really like your blog and would like to put it in as a link in my blog.

  2. What a collection of goodness you've got there!! Looks like you'll be eating the colors of the rainbow this week:)

  3. OoOoOoOhhh!!! Can I come over for supper??!! I just lovelovelovelovelvoelvoe your bloggy! I am reading it all up, you have so much to offer! Thank you for sharing your wonderful thoughts, I enjoy reading like-minded blogs! I too am in love with God, crafts, kiddos, organic farming, Waldorf, homeschooling, all the crunchy, goodness!