Monday, August 20, 2012


Sign of the Time

Grab-N-Go- It might sound quite crude, but if that's what your thinking that's not what I mean!  Grab-N-Go is a geocache where you can park your car, unload the family, find the cache, and jump back in your car and go.  There is no hike, and it's usually not in the woods, but it could be right at the edge.  Sometimes it's so quick that only one person needs to jump out and bring the cache for everyone else to see in the car.  We've found them at park-n-rides, gas stations, restaurant parking lots, church parking lots, rest stops, and now signs. 

Sign of the Time close up

We do grab-n-go caches all the time, but this one we've always had to drive by for one reason or another (usually the kids are asleep).  It's called "Sign of the Time."  Haha.  I found it!

chilly august day fifteen month old

It was unseasonably cold for mid-august!

Coming or Going

frowning two year old girl

She loves frowning in pictures now.  Until I tell her to say "Boogers!"  That makes her smile.


baby wearing  fifteen month old

Fifteen month old

Man in the woods

It was a good effort, but that trek through the woods was not necessary.  I found it again!

These were by no means our only adventures this past week.  We did a really crazy hike, and I can't wait to share those pictures (and by crazy I also mean breathtakingly beautiful.)  Plus, there are others.  Stay tuned for more adventures in the forest!

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