Monday, August 27, 2012

Jake's Rock

one year old and two year old on the overlook

We found the geocache

A geocache in an amo box

A toadstool



a mossy trail

Allegheny National Forest

One year old walking a path through the forest


Exploring the boulders

Making sure her sister doesn't fall

That huge rock is sitting on a pile of small rocks

purple toadstool

toadstool on a log

fungus in the forest

This is an amazing spot.  As with most of the places in the Allegheny National Forest, I remember coming here since childhood.  On one truly amazing, I saw magnificent turkey vultures hovering at eye level since we were standing on the precipice of a cliff with an extraordinary view.  My husband (well, we weren't married yet at the time) and I stood and watched the amazing birds hover and circle and soar until they left.  I always hope for such an amazing experience to happen again when I visit. 

This trip was made complete with two noisy toddlers, so we didn't see much in the way of wildlife, but the ground was damp, and there were wild mushrooms and toadstools popping up everywhere.  I don't know anything about mushrooms, so I could not forage, but I certainly can photograph.  The purple ones were something I had never witnessed before.  I just found out now that they are fairly rare, and edible too!

Besides some beautiful scenery, we also found a geocache, and we did our first Earth Cache too.  It was a large one at the end of a beautiful hike.  the trees were all double or triple trunks since the area had been logged many years prior.  I was blessed to visit the place where so many happy childhood photos were taken, and I plan on taking my kids back many times for some photos of their own!

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