Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Blue Ribbon Day

I've never been to the County Fair. I've always wanted to see those pigs and pies and sheep with the blue ribbons proudly displayed above.  My beloved neighbor (from my old house) used to win blue ribbons all the time on her baking, and I ate her baking many times- that's the closest I got to any county fair.  I figure that you can guess that I finally went to the county fair this past week and loved every moment.  My two girls adored it and that was enough for me!

Ducks and chickens

she loves birds


One year old loves chickens

One year old looking at blue ribbon bunny

Addie's first fair ride.

Ana riding


Daddy and one year old on the carousel

One year old on the carousel


daddy and one year old on the merry go round

grammie and two year old on the ride at the fair

jitterbug ride

Two year od riding the train

two year old and grammie on the fun slide

One and two year old with daddy on the kiddie roller coaster

Two year old riding the jet ski ride

Daddy and one year old near the game booths

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  1. So glad you got to go! I'm constantly amazed at how many people have never had this experience. I took a group of my high school girls several years ago as they'd never gone either.

    This was a part of my childhood growing up, and even more so for my husband who has boxes of ribbons from Milk Chugging, Tractor Pulling (yes, literally a group of men pulling a tractor), Hay Bale Tossing Competitions and more. And of course, when I was dating him, I just *had* to show a pig. Sort of my initiation into his family, I guess. (My family made him eat octopus, so I guess I got the better end of the deal.)
    It's just good old fashioned fun and so many memories to cherish.

    1. I'm glad to finally experience it! My daughters will definitely want to go again, so maybe we can make it a tradition now.