Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Thank You Lord

...for crisp fall weather and refreshing rain.  YOU are the Living Water that I seek! The end of this message was amazing.  I had no idea that Jesus was so bold!

...for your grace.  Being a mom of two little ones can make me feel so scattered at times, but Lord, I'm learning and growing, and I couldn't do it without your grace and love.

...for my "weeds" which have erupted with beautiful blooms.  Good thing that I never got around to pulling them because they aren't weeds at all.  They've wrapped themselves up the spindles on my railing and now the fence is covered in deep purple blossoms.  Amazing.

...for my sweet girls.  Their joy of learning new things is daily, and I love it when they smile with the excitement over learning something new.  They are a precious gift.

...for the upcoming start of my early childhood classes this week!  Just a few more finishing touches before Tuesday, and I'm ready!  I've already loved starting to teach some older students, and each person I meet is a blessing.  I love hearing their progress each week, and it's amazing how far they have already come!

...for the sunrise that I watch each morning from my window.  There's no better way to greet the day than to read your Word and then watch the sun rise!

...for the peaceful rest of my littlest.  She's finally settling into her new room, and she sleeps so well.

...for having my activity featured on B. Inspired Mama!

...for some mommy time with my new issue of Taproot

...for simple days, simple joys, simple gifts, and simply for love.

What are YOU thankful for today, readers?

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  1. I am in awe of that morning glory photo! The Lord has created such an incredible variety of beautiful things!

    1. I know! God is so great. His creation is beyond words. I thought those vines were weeds. Imagine my surprise when my weeds bloomed!

  2. What lovely thoughts to start the day with Becki! I've just subscribed to Taproot, and am eagerly awaiting my first edition...although I have to be patient, as it will take a while for me to receive it over here :) Thanking you Lord for simple things here too, that bring so much joy into the everyday x

    1. I think you'll like Taproot. It's nice to have something in print to look at! God is good.