Monday, January 7, 2013


I am overjoyed because my community is now accepting boxes for recycle.  This is one of the only things that I still need to throw away!  It's such a challenge to reduce waste as much as possible, and this is a huge victory for my waste reduction!  

Find out more about recycling!

I'm challenging you to reduce your waste in 2013.  For recycling centers in your area, check out earth911. In addition, start a compost pile for uncooked fruit and vegetable scraps (mix in shredded leaves or straw as well).  Compost is great for your plants, and it will save you from buying fertilizer for your garden, trees, shrubs, or lawn. Finally, be careful about what you purchase and make choices with little or no packaging, and bring your own bags to the store. 

What do you plan on doing in 2013 to reduce your waste?


  1. We have a compost pile, and our town recycles cardboard AND all plastics!

  2. We do recycle everything we can. A compost would be a great idea, I'll have to try that.