Thursday, April 25, 2013

Happy Earth Day and Eco Kids

Can I just first say sorry to all who were worried abut me Tuesday when I didn't post Eco Kids.  Seriously, I had my kids in the car, dressed, fed, and ready to play at the park in the good weather bright and early.  As I was pulling into the park, however, I realized that it was Tuesday, and that I did not put my Eco Kids up OR share the code with Hannah.  *sigh*

For Earth Day, we decided to volunteer for Collier Township's Annual Keep Collier Beautiful Day.
Take the family to clean up garbage in your neighborhood for Earth Day.
Photo by Sal Sirabella
We were assigned to the place where we probably would have spent our Saturday anyway, the Panhandle Trail. We collected about four or five bags of trash, but it was sad that there was an entire hillside of trash that we couldn't clean up because we had the kids with us.

We suspected that some of the mess was left over from the flooding cause by Ivan several years back, but many of the things left there were clearly things that people had no other way of disposing of.  There were aerosol cans, tires, building supplies, oil change materials, and construction supplies.  Scott made a good point that there is no place in our area (that we know of) where people can easily take these hazardous materials for easy recycling or disposal.

I think he's right.  It's no excuse for dumping things on the trail, but maybe our public land would be more free of this garbage if people knew where to take it.  I did a bit of research on Earth 911, and there are some places to take some of these things near us.  Earth 911 is an easy site to use, you just type in your zip code and then click on what items you are trying to recycle or safely dispose of.

All in all, we were happy with all of the trash that we were able to pick up from one of our favorite trails, and it inspired us to bring a garbage bag when we geocache so that we can "cache in, trash out."  We won't be able to carry as much as we cleaned up today, but we saw that even a little bit would make a difference.

We decided (even before we won a raffle at the lunch) to make this fun and purposeful event a yearly tradition for our family.  On our way back to the car, we were pleased with how nice and clean the trail was, and we got some exercise, fresh air, and a few geocaches while we were at it!

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  1. How sad that people would dump so much trash! Thanks for hosting and featuring our Recycled Seed Planters!

  2. Thanks for featuring our Earth Day round up!