Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Quarter Steer and Eco Kids

I'm again publishing Eco Kids on a Wednesday.  Yesterday morning I had a fun adventure to meet one of the organic farmers from Manchester Farms to pick up my organic grass-fed beef.  I already made some hamburgers from the meat, and I know it was worth my time and every penny my husband and I spent.  It was not like the organic beef from the stores that shrinks by 60% while it cooks.  The color and the taste are just amazing.  If you've been considering going local for your beef- do it.  It's worth it 100%!  The next addition to my new freezer?- Manchester Farms pork!

Treasure Baskets by Our Playful Journey

Fine Motor Practice by Sugar Aunts

Growing My Faith by Mommy the Teacher

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  1. For over two years now we have been getting our beef from a family friend who owns a farm and sells beef, among other things like eggs, veil, turkey, and in the works honey! we usually buy a while cow and split it between my parents and my sister. We dont buy eggs or beef from the store any more and we can tell the difference when we do eat store bought beef!

    1. I'm so excited because our milk and eggs will start coming each week with our farm share. Local most definitely tastes better.

  2. We live in Wyoming and are surrounded by ranchers that raise cattle. They graze in the mountains... The unpopulated, clean, wonderful mountains! We sometimes get some beef from our freinds, and it wonderful! But mostly we hunt for our meat. We usually have enough for the whole year with what we get. We butcher it ourselves, and we love knowing that our meat is completely drug free, fat free, organic, and tastes great! I know a lot of people dont aprove of hunting, but we enjoy the benifits of it. Im so glad you found a wonderful place to but your meat!

    1. I grew up eating wild venison and turkey, and my dad is still an avid hunter. My husband and I don't hunt, but if we did we would certainly eat the meat. I don't want to ever go back to "store bought" beef. This is too wonderful!