Thursday, February 9, 2012

Rock On!

This week we decided to explore using the rocks on our nature ledge.  Both girls had so much fun and loved exploring the rocks. For me, it was maybe even more special.  Many of those rocks hold a special meaning to me.  We found some of the really cool fossils and geodes on my uncle's farm in Tennessee when we used to visit.  Sadly he passed away, and my girls will never get the experience of driving down the Southern dirt road with neighbors waving and the anticipation in their belly of visiting the old farmhouse.  They won't get to explore the flowerbeds, ride horses through magnificent fields, or run their fingers through the shaggy fur of the big wooly cows.  They do get a  little piece of the magic, however, each time they are captivated by the trilobite fossils and geodes, they will have a little piece of that magic.

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