Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Bit More

You might remember that some weeks ago I posted about our trip to the Carnegie Science Center.  As I was just sitting here, I realized that I never finished sharing about another display that we loved- the miniature trains. The trains are something that I remember marveling at as a child, and it was cool to see my own children pointing out all of the delicate details. 

 Do you recognize Fallingwater?

I also remembered, as we rounded the enormous train table, reading this post on Left-Bower's blog about the farm on the miniature railroad. 

As it turns out, this farm is modeled after Manchester Farms which is where my CSA, Left-Bower, is located.  The farm has a historic farmhouse which makes for a perfect picturesque scene for the passing trains (and Science Center visitors) to see. 

Speaking of Manchester Farms, I've known for a while that their whole milk could be purchased at the grocery stores here in the area, but last week I discovered that they now have a skim version.  I tried it, and it is great.  I went back a few days later for another half gallon.  As of May, I will have a whole milk drinker in the house, so I plan on ordering a half gallon of each with our CSA this year.  If you live in Pittsburgh, you can pick some up at the grocery store (see the website for a list of stores.)

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