Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Thank You Lord

... for sunset geocaching and the amazing peace that comes from admiring the work of your hands.  From babies to ducks and from valleys to snowfall, Lord, I see your hand in everything around me.

... for thoughts of spring.  Planning for my garden and dreaming of crop share deliveries keeps me going when it's bitter cold.

... for family. 

... for friends new and old.  It's the season for making and renewing bonds right now, and it's truly a joyful time.

... for crafts and finishing projects.  Tying up loose ends always feels good, and I'm happy to be able to truly dream of new ideas since some of my other ones are finished.  They aren't perfect, but I'll do better next time!

...for your calling Lord on my life, on my husband's life, and on others' lives too when they say "Here I am."

... for music.  

...for the thought of new adventures and more space.  

...for your peace which transcends all understanding.  I mean the true inner peace that can only come from the Holy Spirit nudging me to take a certain path.  I also mean the outward, quiet, happy, amazing peace that comes when I know I am in your will.  It's that peace that comes when I reflect and I can see months, no literally years, of my frustrations and tears and dedication and know that You see, You care, You are pleased, and that You have brought me to that place where I longed to be. I'm not talking about regret, but joy for knowing that I did what You asked Lord.  It's the peace of everything coming together all at once. It's the sudden shift from chaos to peace in the midst of the storm.  It was there all along, but it's more clear in so many ways.  Things aren't perfect, perspectives have changed.  Words truly can't describe your ways, your peace, or your purposes Lord.  "Thank you" doesn't seem adequate to express my appreciation for all things You.  Shalom...

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