Tuesday, May 22, 2012

In Honor of Adelaide (Part 1)

Over the weekend, my smallest sweetie turned one.  It's hard to believe, but on the other hand, it's exciting too (aren't one year- olds fun)?!

Addie turns one!

To celebrate on her actual birthday (while Daddy was at work)  we went to the Pittsburgh Zoo where we have a membership.  The whole day was extremely fun, and since I came prepared with a packed lunch (a little trick I learned from a good friend), it was FREE!  Plus, it felt so good to see my kids eating fruit and veggie packets, yogurt, and fruit leather rather than greasy french fries and pizza. 

These are gazelle or some kind of African deer at the pittsburgh zoo.

Ana with the elephant.
I was not able to take many photos since it was crowded and I was alone with the little ones, but I had to get this shot of Ana with her favorite animal.

In the days to come, we celebrated the birthday again, and yet again...  more to come!

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